Did your morning start with feelings of exhaustion and sluggishness despite having spent the appropriate number of hours in bed? Has your partner complained about your snoring? Have you ever woken yourself up because of snoring? These symptoms could be due to sleep apnea. You can use this article to help solve that problem.

TIP! If you have narrow air passages, consider a mouth guard. They are designed to help you breathe properly at night by aligning your airways.

If you have a difficult time staying asleep at night and your wake up exhausted, you may have sleep apnea. If you are so tired from sleep apnea as to be thoroughly exhausted all day, it is unsafe, and you must correct the situation. Two activities you need to avoid are driving and operating industrial equipment.

A good nasal spray can be helpful if you are having trouble breathing. It helps to clear the nasal passages and airways to let you sleep more soundly. However, they are not suitable for long term use. Many pharmacies have different over-the-counter options available to help keep your nasal passages open.

Sleep Apnea

If you are concerned that sleep apnea may be an issue for you or a loved one, consult with your doctor. Sleep apnea can threaten your life and your day-to-day activities in it. If your significant other has informed you that they suspect you have sleep apnea, you should definitely seek out professional help immediately.

TIP! Do not drink any alcohol immediately prior going to bed. Alcohol will make the muscles in your throat relax far too much, which in turn causes a reduced amount of air getting through and that makes the sleep apnea much worse.

If you are overweight, lose some weight. The link between sleep apnea and obesity in its sufferers has been well-proven. It also stands to reason that losing just a little weight can dramatically improve your condition and your health.

One sure-fire way to combat the problems posed by sleep apnea is proper weight management. A number of patients have found that shedding excess pounds is enough to resolve sleep apnea all by itself. Even losing a little weight can improve sleep apnea by opening the throat and airway, because there is less pressure on the neck.

Sleep Apnea

If you want a way to reduce your chances of getting sleep apnea, strengthen your throat muscles. Sleep apnea is a direct result of a collapse of tissue that occurs towards the far throat’s back. As the muscles become stronger, they will be less likely to collapse and block the airways.

TIP! No matter how low on energy sleep apnea makes you, keep searching for better alternatives with devices and other medical options with your physician. Enlist help from your loved ones in researching this condition and finding treatment options.

It is fine to get a CPAP machine, it’s natural for sleep apnea sufferers. People will feel better about knowing why you are using it, and they will be supportive. Always know that the CPAP machine is something that you need which can help you, and if someone looks down upon you for using it, then they weren’t your friends anyway.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! A majority of sleep apnea sufferers sleep on their backs. If that is you, think about switching to the side.

This will help you deal with sleep apnea. By not visiting your doctor and searching for a treatment, your sleep apnea symptoms are just going to get worse. Don’t allow your lack of sleep and snoring problems to become unbearable. Consult your physician immediately if you experience symptoms associated with sleep apnea.

You have begun your journey towards managing your condition effectively just by reading the preceding paragraphs. This is a crucial step that many people overlook. After today, you should know how to tackle sleep apnea and discover a good night’s sleep.

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